25 before 25: #18 – Raise £500 for charity

So… making a list of 25 adventurous and, in some cases, expensive things to do before your 25th birthday requires a fair amount of money and time – neither of which I have a surplus of. So far I have completed 11/25 and have blogged on 7/25. Not the best stats given that there’s roughly 3 months left! Nevertheless, I will continue.

There might be some mild alterations to the original list but raising £500 for charity is something I managed. Turns out that people thinking giving up alcohol for a year is much harder than a half marathon. I beg to differ!

You can still give to my JustGiving page to raise money for Home for Good.



25 before 25: #11 – Run a half marathon

#11 – Run a half marathon

I hate running. Absolutely loathe it. I find no joy in it whatsoever and am baffled by people who do. This one was a real challenge for me. 

Although this was some time ago, it’s still a favourite achievement because I have never been so relieved for something to be over (that and my MA dissertation).

Please don’t ask me how long it took me – it would horrify actual runners.

Here’s me; tired and sweaty, and the girl who cheered me over the finish line and made me the most amazing medal (much better than the one from the race).


25 before 25: #10 – Have a vegan month

#10 – Have a vegan month

The reason for this one was mostly intrigue… could I be happy without chocolate, mac and cheese and steak for a month? (Obviously, that doesn’t constitute my entire diet!)

There were some things I really missed, like eggs and salmon, and other things that didn’t bother me at all, like drinking oat/soy milk. I enjoyed cooking a lot more and I feel like I now have loads of recipes and ideas of what to make when vegan friends come over.

Given that my favourite beer is a milk stout (Brewdog’s Jet Black Heart), it’s definitely not for me long-term though!

25 before 25: #13 – Get a ‘grown-up’ job

#13 – Get a ‘grown-up’ job

Today I had my first day at my new job. For the last few months since I left my job I’ve been lifeguarding. I’m not trying to say that this is a lesser job, but I now contribute to a pension scheme, and wore a nice blouse – that’s the kind of thing I mean when I saw ‘grown-up’.

I also got stabbed with a needle on my coffee break. It was the flu jab. Perks of working for the NHS, I guess!?

Just in case anyone was wondering, my official title is ‘Child Health Team Assistant’.

25 before 25: #1 – Give Blood

#1 – Give Blood (for the first time)

Donating blood was originally first up on my 25 before 25, however, it turns out there are numerous reasons (like being ill or on medication – as I have) which mean you can’t donate at certain times, so I gave up any hope of an order for the list. But, on Friday I gave blood.

I found out my blood type, it’s O+

I also didn’t faint! Which is normally what happens when they take blood, so I was pretty relieved about that (I find this very embarrassing because I’m not squeamish at all, so I’ve no idea how or why this happens).

25 before 25: #20 – Go skinny dipping (in the sea) on New Year’s Eve

#20 – Go skinny dipping  (in the sea) on New Year’s Eve

When the idea arose that we’d go to the Welsh coast, build a fire, watch the fireworks, drink in hand, for New Year’s Eve, I thought it sounded pretty appealing.

Going in the sea, in December, naked… less so.

But this year (or the 7 months remaining until my birthday) are all about the crazy and ridiculous. The fire died whilst we were busy running in and (swiftly) out of the sea, and the fireworks were mediocre, but it was a laugh!

Here’s our ‘before’ photo – didn’t get a during (you’re welcome!) and it was much too cold for an ‘after’…


25 before 25: #22 – Complete a Master’s degree

#22 – Complete a Master’s degree

So my graduation was quickly forgotten when I got hit by a car cycling to work 3 days later (I’m fine!), but the 11th December was a special celebration of finishing my Master’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Manchester. I even got a distinction, which was such a bonus.

It was tough, I’m still unsure if it was worth the money, and there were times when I desperately wanted to sack it off but I do not regret it all.

Despite this photo looking entirely directed, I was genuinely just trying to get my cap back on my head!